payment confirmation

Payment Confirmation

Your services have been reserved and you have booked one of the last reservations available.

Your driver will call to confirm your trip wihin a min of 24 hours of your trip-take and record the number for your trip and call back if you receive a message. If you do not hear from a driver be concerned and call us!

Payment for your service request has been processed and your receipt will be emailed to you.

Changes in length of times will be charged to your account if you need please advise

Terms of our agreement on confirmation  email us if needed at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Monies to bill for overtime, extra people fees ect. MONEY DUE TO DRIVER FOR TIP DAY OF SERVICE BASED ON SCHEDULED TIME and tip balance if any pre billed tip is paid is due to driver day of the job....

1. All deposits and payments are NON refundable, 1/2 balance is due 20 days prior to rental date, full balance is due 10 days prior and can be held with credit card for balance to be paid to driver day of service. Party bus, limousine, limobus SUV and wedding party bus have a mandatory 18% (pre billed 5% to 10% and balance due up to 18% due to driver day of service pending service lengths or distances) and will be billed if not paid or all ready included or billed into your account after your job, with any credit card use fees after service. CHARTER BUS rentals its only $1 per person day of service fees are not standard to this industry. Charges will be processed on all cards holding balances for payment day of service in case of cancels. 2. Company is not liable in the event of mechanical breakdowns of systems on equipment while on service charter and will only be responsible for making up lost time or a certificate used at a mutually agreed date. Arbitration is the only recourse to agree on lost time that will be made up if an agreement cannot be made between management and client. The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the limousine caused during the duration of the rental by them or any members of their party. A min fee of 100.00 for each carpet or seat burn. Sanitation fee is 250.00. Alcohol Consumption by minors and consumption outside vehicles if against the law. We prohibit, drug use as it is prohibited by law. Any fines will be paid for by the customer. The driver has the right to terminate run without refund (if there is blatant indiscretion on the part of the client (s). It is Illegal to stand through the sunroof. Smoking is not permitted in any of our limousines and this is left to the discretion of the driver. 4. Overtime pay will apply after the first 10 minutes of prearranged time described on the run sheet. 5. Not responsible for delays or the termination in weather caused unsafe road conditions (ie. construction, accidents, etc.). 6. Not responsible for articles left in the vehicles. 7. Balances secured by card to be paid to the driver on the run date before the beginning of the run. 8. Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity. 9. Replacement of transportation with any vehicle providing capacity allows without recourse, due to situations beyond our control to substitute for transportation needs by customer. 10. Service fees for credit cad use of 3% will apply to all contracts that are paid by cash or check that has service fees added for non cash or check payment. Signature ______________________ Date ___________ Your cvv code is your electronic signature please also sign here. Cardholder Signature __________________ Date_________ fax to 616 328-5200 with credit card auth form found at

If you did not want to reserve this vehicle please advise us of this reservation change within 24 hours.

By submitting this form you filled out you agree that (1) you are the credit card holder and (2) that you are requesting the services listed above and (3) that you are authorizing #COMPANY# to charge the credit card listed above for the requested services. Rates may will be audited and my change if pickup, trip charges or fees they are not calculated properly at that time. You will have 3 days to cancel or decline your reservation only in the case of rate changes. In case of cancel you will loose your monies paid. By your agreement you agree payment $100 and 1/2 due 20 days will be processed if not received on due date, and balance due 10 days prior if not received will be billed with 3% fees for non cash services.

Questions please call us at 616 235-3233


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