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Payment Processing Center 3 choices.  

See video for help in your reservation process.

 Just 3 easy choices listed from best easiest to hardest.

  1. Reservation system; Enter info on our reservation site to process and credit card! Bonus ..(you will not be required to sign & fax confirmation or credit card form its electronic acceptance).
  2. Deposit Now $103 to hold and fill out online form enter you credit card and process a non-refundable deposit of $100 + 3% =$103 Bonus ..(you will not be required to sign & fax credit card form. YOU will need to sign & fax confirmation).
  3. Pay Pal you can complete payments by Pay Pal or Credit Card
  4. Print credit card form and fax to us along with signed confirmation.

Pay 1/2 balance approx half balance due 20-25 days prior

 PDF file of this credit card authorization form

Then you will receive a confirmation email from us. If you do not receive this within the next 24 hours please call us.


1a) Choice One Quick Reservation.

Click on Quick Reservations when you enter the link below (bonus no signing & faxing)

 -Most Accurate information is from you entered online!

Create and account and save 1% on your reservation.


1b) Credit card deposit now online below

Online form enter you credit card and process a non-refundable deposit of $100 + 3% =$103 Bonus ..(you will not be required to sign & fax credit card form. YOU will need to sign & fax confirmation).

Pay half balance now due 20-25 days prior to reservation

2) Choice  PayPal

PayPal payments - (Note all deposits and  payments are non refundable per agreement.)

 (Remember to enter rental date and name and zip code for - shipping this just calculates the 3% fees and adds them for you.)

Deposits of $100 (use for deposits) to be paid online to include fees 3% processing. Cash or check payments do not include 3% fees.
Balances (use for balances) of payments you can enter to include fees 3% processing. Cash or check payments do not include 3% fees.

If you don't want to do Pay Pal then you can enter your own information in our system and we will process this for you.

Set up your reservaion with and online secure your order with credit card entry and post rate notes agreed upon


Easy Joomla Paypal Payment / Donations Module

Please note: Orders will be accepted providing the equipment chosen is available for your chosen time frame. If the equipment is not available, you will be refunded your $103 deposit. 


Frequently asked questions


3) Choice Credit Card Authorization to fax


Note: To print this form Highlight the form and select print from your file menu and then select radio button print on the print menu selection only to print just the form!

PDF file of this form

Having problems printing?? Send this to me in word document form

 Credit Card Authorization Form


DADDS MAGIC BUS INC. 407 TURNER NW GRAND RAPIDS MI. 49504 616 235-3233   fax to   616 9885920  9am - 6pm


DADDS MAGIC BUS INC. 407 TURNER NW GRAND RAPIDS MI. 49504 616 235-3233 9am - 6pm


Credit card form to be filled out signed and faxed back to 616 988-5920 signed, call to confirm we received your fax 616 235-3233, sign and send your quote or reservation form in with this agreement or you may loose your reservation. Please do not assume this was received, call to confirm we received this. If we did not receive this you may find that no one will show for your pick up. We must receive this to be considered for a reservation. Our drivers always make confirmation calls prior to arrival please add as many phone numbers as possible if you don not hear from your driver within 24 hours of your service call us.


This is needed with your contract card authorization to hold your reservation.


Customer name:________________________________


Company name:________________________________


Billing Address: on card)_________________________

Telephone Number:______________________________


Dates requested_________________ Times requested Start _________ last date and end time _________


Number of people in group anticipated ____ vehicle /location requested or preferred ______


Credit Card #: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   


Expiration date ___ / ___ /___ cvs code ____ (3 digit code on back)

Address on card _________________________________________zip_______________

(check) Deposit _______ Balance billed _______ Billtotal___________ add fees/tip______


Rental property _______ vehicle rental _______ special event ______


Card holders Signature x______________________ email address ____________@__________.___


Printed name___________________________Today's Date ___/ ___/____


I have called and requested services equipment service rentals or property from DADDS MAGIC BUS INC.


Please accept this letter as authorization for contract emailed, faxed or sent to bill or hold for payment the above credit card for terms contained for deposits, and payments (non refundable) for securing property, vehicles and/or tickets for requested dates and times. Charges will not include any cash or check discounts per agreement. Prices on your quote may or may not include all service fees, fees/tips and may be added with any overtime, increase in group size or time changes, damages that needs to be applied after before or during your trip, vehicles may be substituted if we cannot supply your preference. Disagreements in billing will be solved by arbitration with board of directors of DADDS and customer or 3rd party for any recourse in billing due to any service issues, or stated contract items that may arise. Payments will be charged as needed to complete due date arrangements if payments are not received for balances due for agreement with out notice so please send your payments if you plan to pay balances rather than apply them to your card.


initials _____ date __________ How you heard of us? _____________


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