Valentines Jingle

Jingle made by Denny Middleton

From the Bimini Brothers

Reindeer Games

Reindeer Games Olympics will be this year again.

Tis year 2009 it will be Fri Dec 18th

Plan on a good one 10th annual !


Merry Christmas video

If planning your own private party please pick your date call first.



See the many pictures of History on Reindeer Olympics

See more shots and upload your shots


Tis the date Dec 18th 2009!

Tis years will be, greater!

Feel free to copy this itinerary!


Per person price includes all events $19 per person plus $1 tip to driver.

You must register your name by email or call it in please prior to the event!

St Georges  430pm early birds... meet at 5pm arrive as early as you want but the pre-party starts at 5:00pm bring your dish to pass and we will have a few reindeer games to play! We will be by the Pool Table area set your dish on the table behind the pool table! BUS LEAVES at 710pm

Wii -hit the balls out of the park most home runs wins

Pictionary draw Christmas items with a marker in your mouth don't worry (we have marker condoms...balloons).

Shuffle board 5 point total game.

Pool table 3 ball lowest score alternate shot. Catch phrase single elimination groups of 8 min. We may take the games on the road to continue at our next stop as usual so be ready upon arrival. Sing on the bus in route load time 7:15pm depart 7:30pm for our next game place.

Craigs Cruisers  730pm get your best score turned in to win overall scores one winner, Race the cars lowest time wins the overall race between all players in the Reindeer olympics. BUS LEAVES at 850pm

We have group A and Group B you will be assigned a group to have group A lazer tags first then race and Group B is Race first then Lazer tags.

Race cars best time wins

 Lazer tag best score over all wins all for one!. Load bus 845pm Depart 850pm  pm 

Spectrum Lanes 9 pm We will only bowling 2 games scotch doubles rapid bowl we to get back to finish games at start point- shoes included. This year scotch doubles every other ball your partner bowls (Strike pot? $1 per game total $2), (shoes included) we have to be done by 11 pm to get to our next stop. BUS LEAVES at1130 pm

We need name to fax to them so they are ready!!! for us please send names.

St Georges by 12 midnight to hand out prizes and play a optional dice game of (left center right you will need $1 to get in this game!) upon arrival. Costs this year $19 plus tip $1 to driver and a dish.

Photo contest post your photos for next year on our webshots see shots from previous years and post your shots from previous years and send your link or put them in our link   for a free ride votes taken by email.

Full transportation, prizes and arrangement by yours truly at DADDS see our site for pictures after the event and more details or see our site for more information.

I want to join for the Dec 19th games and have a group

  • We wear Santa hats and reindeer hats and have a holiday song or two to sing on the bus. Call us to help with the games this year or if you want the format to do your own reindeer games we have all the brackets and it a great time to compete with your friends and loved ones.
  • We have had a trip for the past 9 years to include a start at a local club preferable a VFW or a club that is not very busy and has pool tables and shuffle board and that will let us bring in a pot luck!
  • This is where we do the starter games now added Wii or like 3 ball, Catch Phrase, draw a holiday item with a maker in your mouth while your partner guesses against the team mate what it is your drawing (items picked from a box or hat).
  • You must assign name tags and numbers on the brackets so you can easily look up your competition to see who you play in each event.
  • We also go to Craigs Crusiers and play lazer tag and race cars. We end up with a few games of bowling with mixed doubles and have a few fun things to change up the game like between the legs and on a chair and more!

So join us for a great time it only $19 + $1 tip to driver per person and includes all the fun!

email us at Reindeer games

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