Manistee Casino Trip

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St Patricks Saturday 3-17-2012 to Manistee Little River Casino

  • Departure location Sams Club on Alpine near McDonalds
  • Departure Time 12:01pm
  • Return time 815pm approx

Cost $30 and you get $20 in coin and $5 in food coupon upon arrival

Pay on one order for 6 people and get one free seat.

To reserve call now 616 235-3233


See some other trips below

Two locations to choose and 2 prices for your budget.
Choose your location to stay and we will decide where we stay based on most reservations or allow stay at each location at your request.
Stay at Casino Little River - cost is $36 to $59 each
  • Departure time will be 1230pm from Sams Club on Alpine near the Mc Donalds.
We will visit the Hotel to check in then your on your own until Sunday at casino at 3pm
Deposit per person is $95 Cost is $59 after kickback of $36 ($18 each day) incl rooms at casino
4 per room (2 couples) Deposit is $72 deposit Cost then is $36 after kickback of $36 ($18 each day)

Stay at Super 8 - cost is $26 to $44 each 

  • Departure time will be 1230pm from Sams Club on Alpine near the Mc Donalds.We will visit Hotel to check in then at 3:45pm we will go to casino and you shuttle back when ready
  • Day 2 you check out at 10am and we visit casino until 2:45pm 3pm bus departs
Deposit per person is $75 Cost is $44 after kick back of $36 ($18 each day) incl room at Super 8. 4 per room (2 couples) Deposit is $62 deposit Cost then $26 after kickback of $36 ($18 each day)
Reservations based on 2 people per room if you want 4 per room rates will be slightly less, if you want 1 per room rates will be slightly more.
No refunds for cancels, if your late to the bus then you missed your ride no refunds.
Call now with a credit card to hold  your spot or reserve online.
Get a group and plan your own date around these package prices and you get to go for free, Min 36 people required. Trips will be cancelled if we don't get 36 people min for bus.

Transportation includes motor coach, bingo and prizes, bring small coolers for on the bus and larger coolers for under the bus, one bag of luggage and one carry on.



Join our trips and or you can have your own

  • just get 35 people minimum and the planner goes for free!
  • (if you go free you are already $18 ahead upon arrival
  • Next Trip U pick or pick your own date!
  • You pay $25 and you get $18 back!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





  • START cost $31 per person after kickbacks deposit is $69
  • Little River get $18
  • Stay at Leelanau on site get $10 (Continental Breakfast)
  • Next day visit Turtle Creek $10


You deposit $69 and get $38 back Cost $31


Minimum 40 people required for package


One free seat for the planner!


Fundraisers earn up to $5 - $10 per person.

Get out of the house and roll the dice, slots, cards, have fun!

Choose from packages for groups listed below.

Casinos listed or choose any and we will taylor a package!

  • Little River, Manistee Michigan $30 per person $18 back at casino upon arrival. (free seat for the orgainzer)
  • Minimum stay is 4 hours at Casino

Bingo in route to the Casino!

  • Soaring Eagle, Mt Pleasant Michigan $30 per person, $15 slot play and $3 food coupon.

(1) rotating special offer (need manifest 72 hours prior)

Pick your departure time and location. Minimum stay 4 hours at Casino. $30 per person and you get $15 back!

Plus a bonus food coupon. Bingo in route to the Casino!


Email for more info


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Celebrate St Patrick day with us! or your own group!

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