H2 Hummer - Big Nick - in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Muskegon, Grand Haven, Holland

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Suv H2 Hummers 20 passengers

"BIG NICK" Stretch SUV's

H2 Hummers or 24 passenger Excursion with complete wrap around, full length bar ....max space!

Flat screens, divider window, lazer lights, limo lights, stargazer lights, strobe lights, mirrors.

Limousines stretched first in Grand Rapids!

Complete wrap around seating (not broken up)

Go look at what your renting and you decide if it will actually hold 20 we say 18 - 20 and we have open back seating!

Find out for yourself, if its broken up seating you have less room! less bar space......

Open back seating for maximum space for all your extras, flowers, drinks, people, tux coats...


See video and give us some feedback please.

Remember when your the first in town people can count on you to know the business. We are the innovators with the first party bus in town the purple bus. We have been in business for over 20 years and know that the ability to sit across from each other is very important when you have 20 people talking. Open back seating gives you the ability to store all your extras, and have plenty of drink holders and ice boxes for your beverages. We have even set our monitors to play your jpegs from your computer for a slide show of your guests and special moments the lead to this very special day in your lifetime.

When you talk about limousine and size this unit is the one. When you want to actually accommodate 24 passengers, complete wrap around seating is necessary unless you want to sit on each others laps! We suggest 20 - 24 to be comfortable with the bride dresses and all the extras.

See these pictures and count the seats!

  • Broken up seating eliminates seats and ability to communicate with others across from you.
  • The top picture is like all of our SUV's perfect for large and small groups complete wrap around!
  • Our competitors SUV's equipment has broken up seating and limited bar space.
  • We have done the homework and know when your in a limo you want to talk to more than those on each side of you, its nice to sit across from a few people and you can with complete wrap around seating.

 (no complete wrap around takes up seating space also... its broken up seating)


Don't let bar space take up seating, the new thing open back seating allows for a full bar and seats!

The new souloution for use of all your space!

Count the seats and tell me if you you can get the same seats with open back complete wrap around

the length and width are the same so its not rocket science.


We have the ideal setting for a social group!

Make the right choice on your seating set up and have some elbow room!

You can fit the most inside this and still be comfortable because you have complete (not broken up seating) wrap around seating.

The special seating is also great because we have open back seating this leave plenty room for extras and coolers and drink and champagne canters and holders, and all the extras that come with weddings, flowers, coats, cameras, gifts.

  • Stargazer lights
  • limo lights
  • laser lights
  • mirror ceilings
  • stereo, cd player
  • open back seating
  • complete wrap around seating
  • intercom and divider window
  • sunroof
  • flat screen monitors set up for jpeg playback
  • Pearl white for weddings
  • tuxedo dressed drivers
  • red carpet, cups ice champagne glasses and napkins, just married signs!

Get the whole day package and pick up the brides early and get to the salon for the nails hair and to the church. We offer a selection of choices but if you reserve your bachelor and bachelorette party you can get a free ride home from the reception. We have a special on the SUV's for per person its only $10 per person per hour then drops to $8 per person per hour after the first 4 hours and the bride and groom always ride free on there bachelor and bachelorette parties on SUV or party bus.

Choose from our SUV's H2 Hummers Big Nick, or Big Jake, or excursion 24 passenger Big Baby Frank. You can have the best and bring the rest of your party for a once in a life time picture perfect moment and count on us your DADDS friends serving West Michigan for over 20 years.

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Get the FULL DAY Package ..Your tuxedo (by request) driver sets up the red carpet opens the door as you enter the dream night to a great time. Guests awaits as you rollup to the stylist, lunch, wedding, and finally the reception in style. Upon completion of the wedding your driver awaits to with red carpet take you to the reception, where all your friends take note of the long white stretch SUV with you and your guests as the driver opens the door for your arrival, after your parade around town has come to the final reception, then at the end of the night we pick the bride and groom back up and take them or upgrade and take the whole group back to the hotel or to the drop off location.


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